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The Starting City will be an only safe place in an endless storm of feudal life happening around it. Backers will be able to claim land in city protected radius, which will guarantee protection of their assets in any circumstances! Aside from that, certain backers will have an estate property behind city walls that will be free of rent for first 6 month of Open Beta and Release. That property can be used freely, as for aesthetic purposes, as your bind point or simply to stash your belongings.

Aside from the regular buildings, there are also two properties that are unique.

City Keep Edit


A dominant of the outer city walls. A place fitting a governor of the Starter City. Multistory building with a good view on all 4 sides of the city.

City Castle Edit


We will take your name or nickname as a base of the name of our Lore king! Your name will be mentioned as a historical figure that had personally led a successful expedition towards new lands. Also, you will have an exclusive rental rights on the Starter City Castle for first 6 month of Open Beta and Release. That Castle keep and its inner ward will be available to you, so you can build additional structures or raze those you don’t like! And that in the heart of the protected city. All hail the king!