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The Stat Cap is a feature that has been well known since the days of Ultima Online. "Stat Cap" means that the total sum of all your 5 basic Stats cannot be higher than a certain value.

In Life is Feudal current Stat Cap is 150.

In order to manage your stats properly and distribute them in a way that more suits your current character, there are 3 Stat lock buttons available on a Character Window screen:

  • StatUp.png - Stat Up. Current Stat will increase and will never decrease.
  • StatDown.png - Stat Down. Current Stat will never increase and will decrease if Stat Cap is hit.
  • StatLock.png - Stat Lock. Current Stat will neither increase nor decrease.

While the sum of all stats is lower than the Stat Cap value (150), then stats progression is not limited in any way (unless stats are marked with Stat Down or Stat Lock buttons). But as soon as the Stat Cap is hit and some stat needs to increase its value, the following rules apply:

  1. Does that stat have StatUp.png ? If "no", then there will be no stat increase.
  2. Are there other stats that have StatDown.png ? If "no", then there will be no stat increase.
  3. Are there other stats with StatDown.png greater than 10 (minimum value of any stat)? If "no", then there will be no stat increase.

And only when all mentioned above rules will pass with a "yes" will that stat increase its value. Meanwhile, some other StatDown.png stat will decrease its value.

  • NOTE. Lock symbol will ALWAYS prevent locked Stat to change!
Character Window with Stat locks