Life is Feudal Wiki

Support Points are the currency which pay the upkeep for any type of claim.

The upkeep for a claim changes depending on the Tier of the Guild Monument or the size of a personal claim. However the conversion rate of coins to support points is always the same:

Support points
Copper coins 100
God's coins 1000
Silver coins 10000
Gold coins 1000000

Upkeep for monuments and outposts (outpost has the same upkeep as monument of the same tier):

Image Name Tier Support point capacity Upkeep per ingame day Claimable fiefs Needed fiefs

for upgrade

Monument.png Monument 1 9 000 000 4 support points per tile All bordering fiefs

+ 1 extra fief (incl. 1 Military Outpost)

Statue.png Fine monument 2 27 000 000 12 support points per tile All bordering fiefs

+ 3 extra fiefs (incl. 2 Military Outposts)

Large statue.png Great monument 3 90 000 000 32 support points per tile All bordering fiefs

+ 6 extra fiefs (incl. 3 Military Outposts)

Large monument.png Glorious Monument 4 240 000 000 64 support points per tile Unlimited fiefs

(incl. 4 Military Outposts)


Note that with taxes the upkeep can be twice more than those values.