Hunger, stamina, and health are specifically related to LiF’s survival mechanics.

Hunger Edit

Hunger is the value representing how well fed your character is and effects health, stamina regeneration, and experience gain. Cooking is a primary craft; LiF features a food complexity meter, representing the benefits of a meal. The most important benefits you should take advantage of are skill multipliers.

Food multipliers consist of two bars: Hunger rate and quality of the last five meals eaten. Hunger is related to stamina and when you regenerate stamina, your hunger meter will drop. This next part relates more to cooking, rather than hunger itself.

The more complex your food recipe, the greater the quality of the meal produced.

Example: you take 100 quality fish and fry it, ending up with 20 quality fried fish. BUT if you take 100 quality fish with 100 quality potatoes, onions, wine and cabbage (five ingredients!!!), the result could be 100 quality fish stew. Five ingredients is the maximum you can use per recipe, and getting 100 quality ingredients is difficult.

Food multiplier will be affected by the last five meals you ate. So, knowing (or being!) a great cook will speed up leveling. Cooking in LiF will be just as valuable as blacksmithing, alchemy and healing!

When your hunger reaches zero, it begins to deplete your Soft HP bar. When your Soft HP reaches zero, you pass out. While passed out you can be looted by other players, and when you wake up you will have only five hunger points. Low hunger value will also result in heavily reduced stamina regeneration speed.

Stamina Edit

Stamina is used to fuel actions, and almost every action in LiF uses stamina. Players have two stamina bars: soft stamina and hard stamina. When you perform an action, stamina will deplete from the small soft stamina bar. If you stop performing actions for a few seconds, stamina will begin to flow from the large hard stamina bar and refill the soft stamina bar. This is very different to the health bar mechanics.

Health Edit

Health represents how much damage a player has taken, and LiF features two health bars. Injuries can be fatal and nonfatal, ranging from broken bones, bleeding, concussions, etc. Some injuries are permanent unless treated by the healing skill, and fatal injuries can be mitigated with the battle survival skill. Injuries will be a prominent feature in LiF’s no target combat system.