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Is there an interest in and secondly a standard format, for step-by-step instructions? I've created this:

  • equipment needed:
    • blacksmith's Hammer
  • inventory:
    • one Billet (to start the fire)
    • 4 x STEEL Lumps
    • 1 x handle
  • go to Blacksmith's shop -or- Forge & Anvil
    • right Click
      • smelting
        • "Manage..."
  • if no wood, move your billet to the forge
  • lite Fire
    • then tab.
  • point to anvil
  • right Click
    • forging
      • forge Metal Tools
  • pull down: Sickle
    • click: Craft
  • extinguish fire if extra logs in the forge.

Note: All items under "Forge Metal Tools" follow the above steps, just change the inventory items to match what you're making.

WardXmodem (talk) 23:15, 4 November 2015 (UTC)