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Tamed Moose
Tamed moose.png
Type Warhorse
Weight 120 Stones
Hitpoints 175
max Speed
Tamable No
Length 7
ID 1663

Advice on taming:[]

Best way to accomplish the tame, sneaking up behind the Moose. Just as you would a Bore Or Sow have no less than 15 apples with you depending on the quality. If the quality is below 50 i would suggest 20 Also you Lore plays a factor. At 100 lore i tamed one with 6 quality 76 apples. Things change per server and or player skill.

  • Tamed With: Apples
  • Max Speed: 24


To ride a moose, you need a Tamed moose in your inventory. Now right-click on the moose and choose: Riding-> Release. After the loading bar has passed, you sit on the moose. Control: By clicking once on the W or S button, the horse increases/decreases his speed to the next level. That means it is not necessary to keep the button pressed all the time. The moose is normally steered via the keys A and D. The moose can jump with the space bar. To stop a horse abruptly, use Z. It can happen that you are thrown off the horse, especially if you are not so good at riding yet. If you fall off the horse, you get the effect "Stunned".

To get off the horse, select the ground and click right to get off the horse or press the button E.

The horse can now also be taken back into inventory by right-clicking Horse-> Hide Horse.


If you slaughter a Tamed moose, you will get: ?

Run away[]

A moose gets "tired" after an hour of being "released" (real time) and lies down, if it is not harnessed in a cart. After another hour without use, it will follow the call of freedom and disappear.


A moose can go forward on a 0.7 slope, paved or unpaved, which is an improvement over regular horse's 0.5. It can backpedal on a 1.2 slope, compared to 0.9 of a regular horse.