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Add the template to the page and define the desired size as the first parameter of the template.

Kode Result
{{Construction_grid|2x2}} 2x2

Template Options

Full list of implemented grids:

Value Image
invalid Error: Unknown grid size (invalid)
1x1 1x1
1x2plus1 1x2plus1
2x1 2x1
2x2 2x2
3x1 3x1
3x2 3x2
3x3 3x3
4x2 4x2
4x2plus2 4x2plus2
4x3 4x3
4x4 4x4
5x2 5x2
5x5 5x5
6x3plus3x2 6x3plus3x2
6x3plus10 6x3plus10
7x3 7x3
7x5 7x5
7x5plus2 7x5plus2
7x6 7x6
7x7plus3 7x7plus3
8x5 8x5
9x3plus5 9x3plus5
9x4 9x4
9x5 9x5
9x5plus8 9x5plus8
9x9plus4x2 9x9plus4x2
9x9plus5x2 9x9plus5x2
10x3plus4x2 10x3plus4x2
10x3plus4x2plus4x2 10x3plus4x2plus4x2
10x7 10x7
10x11 10x11
11x7 11x7
11x11 11x11
12x5plus3x2 12x5plus3x2
12x13 12x13
13x13 13x13
CastleKeepGrid CastleKeepGrid
MilitaryOutpost Military_outpost_grid

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