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Padded armor
Novice Novice Padded Helm.png Helm Novice Padded Breastplate.png Tunic Novice Padded Vambraces.png Vambraces Novice Padded Gauntlets.png Gauntlets Novice Padded Leggings.png Leggings Novice Padded Greaves.png Greaves
Regular Regular Padded Helm.png Helm Regular Padded Breastplate.png Tunic Regular Padded Vambraces.png Vambraces Regular Padded Gauntlets.png Gauntlets Regular Padded Leggings.png Leggings Regular Padded Greaves.png Greaves
Heavy Heavy padded helm.png Helm Heavy padded breastplate.png Tunic Heavy padded vambraces.png Vambraces Heavy padded gauntlets.png Gauntlets Heavy padded leggings.png Leggings Heavy padded greaves.png Greaves
Royal Royal padded helm.png Helm Royal padded brestplate.png Tunic Royal padded vambraces.png Vambraces Royal padded gauntlets.png Gauntlets Royal padded leggings.png Leggings Royal padded greaves.png Greaves


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