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Traveler's Idol
Travelers Idol.png
Type Building
Binding points
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The Traveler's Idols[1] can be found in the four admin villages in the Protectorates of Godenland. They are standing close to one of the public Trading posts.

You can Interact with the idol and choose between the Pray of Safe Journey and the Pray of Comradery. Both prayers have an own cooldown of 48 hours which appears as debuff in your status bar and you will drop all items and all your equipment, only items with the "No drop" effect will stay.

Pray of Safe Journey[]

This prayer can be used to travel from one protectorate to another. You can choose the protectorate you want to travel to.

Pray of Comradery[]

This prayer can be used to travel to a guild monument by using its guest code. A guest code gets set at the guild monument in the manage/worship menu.

You will either spawn outside the guild claim or next to the monument, depends on your permissions on that claim.


Locations of the Idols[]