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Type Siege engine
Binding points
Rally points
Quantity Ingredient Influence
1 × Large Warfare Kit 50 %
1 × Medium Warfare Kit 35 %
× [[]] %
× [[]] %
× [[]] %
× [[]] %
× [[]] %
Durability Equipment Influence
[[]] %
[[]] %
[[]] %
Required skill Warfare engineering
Minimum skill level 0
Skill influence 10 %
Starting tool Mallet
Crafting duration 7
Resulting quantity 1
Amount wanted
ID 163

A Trebuchet is used to launch Stone ammo for medium distances .

Note: Once built the Trebuchet cannot be moved, it can only be destroyed.


All Trebuchet related actions require level 60 Demolition.

You can use Trebuchet through Manage, Rotate and Fire abilities. (Rotate and Fire can be launched from Trebuchet Interface or just applied to Trebuchet itself).


Rotate ability defines horizontal angle of Trebuchet firing. In Trebuchet Interface you can change vertical angle of launching using scale from 10 to 60 degrees. To charge Trebuchet you should move ammo from your inventory to Trebuchete container. When you press Fire random ammo which Trebuchet containes in itself will be launched with defined vertical and horizontal angles. Accuracy of launching depends on Trebuchet quality.

Range Testing (1/9/2016)[]

Angle Distance
10° ~ 28 tile range
15° ~ 29 tile range
20° ~ 30 tile range
25° ~ 31 tile range
30° ~ 30 tile range
35° ~ 28 tile range
40° ~ 28 tile range
50° ~ 24 tile range
55° ~ 22 tile range
60° ~ 18 tile range

All tests done using Stone ammo firing directly East

Performance Tips[]

  • Only fiefs that are vulnerable by the Holy Judgment can be used to bombard enemy with trebuchets. Trebuchets projectiles that are fired from the safe fiefs will not deal damage. (Patch Notes (ver.
  • The stone ammo fired from the trebuchet is very good for damaging houses, buildings and walls, but is nearly useless for anti-personnel purposes. It deals no splash (area of effect) damage. Even if you managed to get a direct hit on an enemy it only appears to do about 30 damage (tested on a warhorse). However, the naphtha barrels and naphtha nail barrels do cause splash damage in a small radius, also however they are not craftable, only GM spawnable (1/23/17). Hopefully they will return to being craftable. Also, naphtha nail barrels launch a much shorter distance than the naphtha barrel and stone ammo.
  • Stone ammo shoots from a trebuchet has no penetration; it will hit a low durability object, destroy it, and cause no damage to objects near it. What this means is you can protect the roof of a building with small, cheap objects to protect buildings from incoming boulders. It is recommend placing first large platforms, overlap theming some if you can and then putting palisade shields and any other spare junk you have handy on top of those platforms.
  • Trebuchets can be very deadly to your base and can quickly pick off houses and warehouses, eliminating your ability to respawn and destroying all of the items and gear you may have in your warehouse. Houses are also taller than stone walls, large and easy to arc boulders onto, and can be destroyed in very few boulders. Stone walls however, are actually quite resistant to trebuchets. They don't take much damage because the inaccuarcy of the trebuchet means it is difficult to concentrate fire on a single section of wall, and it still take several shots to destroy a wall section.