Units is an integral mechanic featured in LiF, also known as groups in other MMO online games. The unit leader is able to issue two types of commands: formation orders and battle orders. Both commands grant certain buffs, and when the Unit leader issues a formation order the geometry of the formation will appear. Any unit member conforming to the shape will receive the appropriate buffs and the more unit members inside the formation shape - the greater the bonuses.

Formation orders Edit

Wall, Wedge, Circle

All formation orders grant the benefits Swiftness and/or Defence buffs. Swiftness buff gives increased swing speed and Defence buff gives damage mitigation, reducing damage taken.

  • Wall grants Swiftness and Defense
  • Wedge grants Swiftness
  • Circle grants Defense

Battle orders Edit

Hold your ground, Charge, and Move
  • Hold your ground grants Defence buff but also a Slowed debuff
  • Charge grants Power strike buff (increased damage of a first successful hit)
  • Move grants Accelerated buff