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Unit and formation
Combat skill
Unit Formation.png
Attributes Skills
Primary Intellect Requires n/a
Secondary Constitution Unlocks n/a
Skill Progression
Level Description
All Maximum % of unit bonuses that can be received and provided.
0 Can receive unit bonuses from leader if inside a formation formed by that unit leader
Can give voice commands to change unit formation (Wall/Wedge/Circle), creation formation area
30 Can issue "Hold your ground!" command which increases defence, but decreases the speed of unit members
60 Can issue "Charge!" command which increases damage dealt by unit members to the enemy for 20 seconds
Can receive maximum bonus from orders and formations
90 Can issue "Move!" command which provides movement bonus to all unit members in range
100 Formation zone color is different
Skill ID 56

Unit and formation is one of the four independent combat skills. It allows units to make formation and gain bonuses.


Unit works the same way as groups in other classic MMORPG games:

  • Unit leader can invite and kick members
  • Other players can be invited via Context menu or via "/invite name" chat command
  • Unit limit is 10 members
  • Unit members status is visible on HUD
  • Unit leader can issue Formation and Battle Orders


Unit Leader can issue 2 types of Orders to his Unit members:

  • Formation Orders
  • Battle Orders

These orders are issued by according abilities that are unlocked at certain levels of Unit and formation skill.

Formation Orders[]

These types of orders create a visible shape on the ground around Unit leader. If the Unit Leader is riding a horse the shape becomes larger. That shape is visible only to Unit members. Each type of formation grants various positive effects and should be used according to the current battle situation. Magnitude of applied effects depends both on leader's and members Unit and formation skill level. Global cooldown on all formations currently is 20 seconds (new formation or cancel can be issued only after 20 seconds from a previous one). Orders have 10 seconds cooldown.

Formation Name Corresponding ability Formation Shape Effects
Wedge Formation wedge.png Formation wedge Wedge 1.png

Wall Formation wall.png Formation wall Wall 1.png

Circle Formation circle.png Formation circle Circle 1.png

Balanced breath.png
Balanced Breath
Wedgeformation.png Wallformation.png Circleformation.png
Wedge Formation
Wall Formation
Circle Formation
On the move

Battle Orders[]

These type of orders provide even more situational positive effects. To receive these positive buffs Unit members must be in formation (inside formation shape). Unit members that were outside of the formation shape will NOT receive any bonuses.

Battle Order Name Corresponding ability Effects
Hold your ground! Order hold.png Order hold
Slowed (10% - 20%)

Defence! (20% - 50%)
Charge! Order charge.png Order charge
Accelerated (10% - 50%)



Hurried Breath

Move, Move, Move! Order move.png Order move
Accelerated (10% - 50%)

Balanced breath.png Balanced Breath

Order move.png Shaky hands

Order move.png Move, move!

Training Tips[]

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  • While executing Formation Orders require the player to be in a unit, Battle Orders as of now do not. This can be used to level up Unit and formation alone after the player hits level 30, because this unlocks the first Battle Order command which removes the requirement of a second player to form a unit.


  • (1/25/17) The glowing shapes for the formations do not rotate voluntarily. After starting a new unit and selecting an order They face the direction you are facing (ex. if you look north and yell wall formation it will face east to west longways). However the moment you take a step they will involuntarily rotate and not be able to be rotated again. The wall formation will be northwest to southeast longways and the wedge formation will point east by northeast, with you at the head of the wedge. This is not just a graphical issue because friendlies will see the formation rotate too, and will receive bonuses before and after the involuntary rotation when they are in the shape. Because the formations do not rotate, you can't set up a proper formation to face the enemy. The circle formation is the only formation that still works.
  • (1/25/17) The Unit list with all your unit members bugs often, it doesn't always remain updated in real-time, it sometimes says people are in the group when they really aren't, but you can't kick them from the unit either, it sometimes doubles names and shows a person twice, and people randomly drop out of the unit. This can be really annoying when trying call formations because people aren't receiving or providing unit benefits when they should be. This tends to bug more and more as you try to invite more people.


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