Life is Feudal Wiki

Life is Feudal features simple ways of interaction with a huge sandbox virtual world. These are:

  • Context Menu. Target any movable or unmovable object, player, terrain tile or item in your inventory with a crosshair or cursor and press Right Mouse Button (or "Q") while in Peaceful stance. Context menu will appear:
Context menu ContextMenu obj
Context menu on a terrain tile Context menu on a chest

Context menu is composed dynamically of all abilities that are available to the character and the type of object the character is targeting. Abilities that the character does not know or abilities that cannot be performed on that type of object are excluded from the context menu.

HINT. Do not forget to mark a certain context menu ability as a default by clicking RMB on it in a menu. That will allow you just to click with LMB on objects without a need to call a context menu and will speed things up for you. This also works with pressing "E".

  • Hotbar ability. Open your Skill book ("L" by default) and drag an ability icon from a skill on to a hotbar. Next time you press the assigned hotbar button that ability will be performed. To remove ability from the hotbar slot, press F10 to enter interface customization mode and right click on the slot with the ability you wish to remove. Alternatively you can just drag another skill onto that hotbar slot.
AbilityDrag FromaSkillbook
Ability icon is being dragged
  • With a weapon. In a Combat stance (press "R" to switch between Combat/Peaceful stances) perform draw a weapon from one of the 4 weapon slots on your hotbar. Swings with that weapon will interact with your victims :) Read more in a Combat section.